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They can be reached by phone at: ext. For death records to the present year, the first step is to determine your eligibility to receive a death certificate.

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If after reading the above information, you are still uncertain regarding your eligibility for cause of death information, please call our Vital Statistics Office at Cause of death information on death records over 50 years old is available to anyone completing an application and submitting the required fee. All requests for certification of a death certificate, that includes the cause of death information must include the following:. Please include:. Please do not send cash by mail. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy.

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Highlands County Marriage License, FL

Both partners must prove that they took the course within the last twelve months. A certificate of completion of an approved marriage preparation course given by a qualified instructor will be accepted as proof.

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Also, a letter from an official representative of a religious institution recognized under the Florida Statute will be accepted. Non-Florida residents are not entitled to the fee reduction for taking an approved marriage preparation course.

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However, if they have taken an accepted marriage preparation course, the three-day waiting period will be waived. At that time, both the groom and bride will sign the affidavit stating that they are the parents of an expected child, and the parent s will sign consent s to the marriage.

If the bride has a doctor certificate of pregnancy, whether or not the parents consent to the marriage, a hearing will be held before the county judge with proper notice to the parent s. Getting a marriage license with your new name on it does not mean your name has automatically changed. If you need to change your last name, you can use an online marriage name change kit.

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