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This is the second time I have received a voicemail similar to the above posts. I do not engage. This time the phone number was When I googled the number, it actually came up as Aetna Health Insurance phone number. Just received same call. The second call from same number few minutes later but left no recorded message. Got a call from at this afternoon. Left me a vm, stated same as above. Did a search, SSA came up the above statement.

This was on my cell, last week was a call on home phone. Same stuff only from area code. Which is Idaho. I got a call earlier and , left me a voice mail saying my ss was being suspended for suspicious activity, I honestly freak out , thinking someone has stolen my identity or something , I decided to check this page and find that is a scam going around. I got calls from 2 different numbers saying my ss account was frozen for suspicious activity: and Here is another number to look out for claiming they are from the Social Security office located in Huston Texas, they say your Social Security number has had a criminal activity, this was a real person calling as well wanting all my information.

I got 2 missed calls from , The message said from Department of Social Security Administration. The reason they called because they they found some suspicious activity. I have had several calls from "SSA" today 1 saying my SSN will be suspended, they have seen suspicious activity and ask me to verify my last 4 digits of my SSN. I told them no and they said they would transfer me with our local police department who would then further investigate. When they connected me to my local police department I got disconnected.

I received several of these calls as well. A couple of the numbers called twice. There a new number now that is a A scam.

Predicting Social Security numbers from public data | PNAS

Just received a call from telling me exactly what was stated above. A man with an accent left a message to call them back immediately. I don't trust anyone these days, so I just wanted to report the number. Am I screwed? Hi - This morning I received a call from It was a robo voice threatening me to call back as there were fraudulent activities reported on my SSN. I am not calling back as it sounded like a fake call for sure. Have received the automated voice message re SSA suspicious activity twice. Call back number for this scam is Like many others, I rec'd a call, male voice, claiming to be from SSA, suspicious activity, account closed, call Alta, CA.

If he didn't hear back from me, the police would come and arrest me. I got a voicemail from stating that my SSN was compromised. I did not call back. Just want to put the number out there for others to recognize as a SCAM.

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Stay safe. I also received a Robo call from the Social Security administration saying my SS card had been stopped because of suspicious activity. Subject was from India. Said I was under investigation for mail fraud, drug trafficking, having 25 different bank accounts.

Said I could pay the legal fees or he would call the police department in my town and they would handle it. Subject very forceful in his manner of speaking, made threats of arrest and jail time. Sounded legit in the beginning and went wrong very quickly. The number they called is I got a phone call from and said we are suspending you social security because of some suspicious activities and if you want to know more about it press 1.

A man called me pretending to be a SSC representative. He had an indian accent. He told me that my social security number was being investigated and that I wad a warrant for my arrest. Asked for my address and the last four numbers of my social security.

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  7. I immediately hanged up. When I try calling back the number is disconnected. Another scam May 14, Got 2 calls today from two diff numbers. Both numbers posing from Washington DC. I let them both go to voicemail. I usually get the "warrant for your arrest" ones, so this was a new one for me. I just blocked the numbers. Received six. Sent to the call to VM each time because I suspected that it was scammers.

    Tip 1: Memorize your Social Security number

    The robot left a VM saying that their was suspicious activity on my SS and to call back immediately to clear my name. Needless to say, I will not call back and I will continue to send the calls to VM. It's important to note that once you answer one of these calls, they will increase in frequency, so try not to answer the calls if you can. I get numerous scam calls on a daily basis!

    Facebook Has Hosted Stolen Identities and Social Security Numbers for Years

    The amount of time these crooks spend scamming other people, they could get a real job! The number is useful, but I want to call them back and play there game. Its fun to waste their time. Also that my SSI was being suspended. I decided to check the internet and here I am with many people telling their story.

    Thank you so much everyone, the relief is profound. Just received a Social Security scam call at Michigan time I live in Florida so 9. On checking I found it came from a part of Michigan that alone has this area code number. Phone number showing was , Hope you catch these crooks.

    The message seemed to pick up recording midway through because the voice sounded robotic and all the 15 second message said was: "The number to call is I filed a report online with the Federal Trade Commission providing the above details but none of my own.

    Free Social Security Number Verification

    Having just had someone attempt to scam me, the last thing I am going to do is give personal information over the Internet. He kept asking me to state my name and SSN clearly to verify my identity. I asked him for his name and what agency he was from. I asked him to tell me what I had done but he kept telling me if I did not identify myself stating my full name and SSN I would be arrested within 48hrs. At first I was very alarmed but as the ph call progressed I could tell he was becoming upset or shaken that I would not state all my vital information to him.

    He said since I would not state my information that he would issue an arrest warrant. He even went as far as to give me a badge , then hung up the phone on me. I got a call from these numbers all having the same message telling me my social security has been suspended. They are becoming desperate calling me and I have not picked up just let it go straight to voicemail.

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    Want to know if your Social Security number is at risk? There’s an app for that.

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