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  1. Why you should never use someone else’s Apple ID on your iPhone
  2. What You Need To Know Before We Begin
  3. How To Reset A Forgotten Apple ID Password: Emergency Tips - Macworld UK
  4. Check your Apple ID device list to see where you're signed in

I spent hours online with tech support and we had a bit of problem understanding one another… however my spelling out the words solved the comunication problem…. After this frustrating ordeal I logged off. Logged on again this evening and found a website that made more sense to me and was able to get the ancient password reset.

Why you should never use someone else’s Apple ID on your iPhone

My dad forgot his password to his phone. And he does t know any of his Apple id information. He is trying to remember his stuff. Can someone please help me???? I created an apple id and gave my email address wrong. I created a new one but i cannot delete this apple id. Like many, I do not want to reset my password.

What You Need To Know Before We Begin

I had no idea how much trouble that would cause. I know both IDs and passwords; I just want to combine them. Why not? Please help as I want it for my son for xmas. So my phone decided to factory reset itself and so when I went to type in my apple ID and realized I forgot it.

But I remember the password. My friend used his Apple ID and password to download whatsapp on my phone. Now I need to update the app but all effort using my own id didnt work. I forgot my password, but I do not want to reset it.

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Is there any way to recover- NOT reset- my password? A part from iCloud feature, all oother features are working perfectly fine. Any help please? We have 5 phones on our account.

How To Reset A Forgotten Apple ID Password: Emergency Tips - Macworld UK

My daughter received a message from apple that her email was jeopardized and she was locked out. They asked her the answers to her security questions but nothing she said was correct. We think that part got hacked too. Apple has not been able to help her. Question is if I have receipts for purchase and she has her ID why can they not restore it and issue her a new Apple ID? I am freaking out,I just update my iphone 5s to ios 9 today morning and after some process my phone got stuck on slide to upgrade.

I just need to find out what it is. Hey I have got second hand iphone 5c from one shop and he dosent remember the id or the password so I am nt able to log into the phone so can anyone help me with that. So can anyone plz suggest me what to do. Thanks in advance. I forgot my Apple ID, I reset it and recovered it through email as described on this web page. It works great. You have to enter your password without typos! Hey can someone help me plz… I bought an iPhone 4s… Waisted my whole money on it…its brand new but the original owner used it once and he forgot his Apple ID password… what can I do and I want to reset it but stills asks for id password.

I need help :,. So I made an email as soon as I got home when I got my iPhone 5s. I later forgot my passcode and had to restore my iPhone 5s. What should I do. I tried the recovery option using the security questions but apparently i forgot the answer to one of them…. My father bought me an iPad mini.

How to recover both your apple id and password if forgotten

He was the one who created the Apple ID. The problem is, he forgot the password. We went to a gadget store and ask the technician there how to recover the apple id. Is it possible to create a new apple id to use the ipad? I am super frustrated and very confused! I have tried to call the help line but I cant! I am on the verge of tears!

Check your Apple ID device list to see where you're signed in

I went back to see if I could get her to fix the apple ID so then I could activate the phone but they had already left the house and been moved out. Contact the prior owner if you bought it or was given to you, they will have the Apple ID if you do not. I am having the problem of certain Aps not opening on my phone. One of the suggestions is to sign out of Ap store and sign back in.

How to Recover Your Apple ID Password

No idea what my Apple ID is and now cannot sign back in. It is supposed to lock out the data thief. Can anyone please help me??? We have an iPhone 5c at the company I work for. The lady who was using it was let go. Now trying to transfer the phone to another colleague.

Tried 4 times to recover by email to no avail.

Then made the mistake of trying to do a restore through iTunes. So frustrating! Can anyone tell me why is it that when my wife resets her password using her own apple id her own email address the related emails come to me.. Am confused how all this could happen. I am looking to remove 5c from icloud account…is registered to old email account that i no longer have access to…how can i reset without access to email.. I had to restore my phone and I have to activate my phone by signing into my apple ID i had to reset my password at first and i did that and i still wont let me onto it ive also made new accounts and it wont let me get on those either i honestly dont know what else to do.

Ive been trying to get verification details through my recovery email bt no message has come through now my account is locked.

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What can i do given that am in Kenya? Check your spam folder sometimes the reset messages get stuck in there, the only option is to reset the password through the official protocol from Apple.